Jared Cardona

Jared Cardona is a 15 years old Singer from Durban South Africa born on March 30th, 1999.

About me...

Im born in Durban South Africa on March 30th, 1999. He attended school at St Henrys Marits Brothers from grade R to grade four. During those years Jared enrolled in speech and drama classes, but surprisingly never took up singing.


The following year Jared moved to Glenwood Prep for 5th Grade and is presently enrolled in 7th Grade.His choir master made contact with his Mother soon after to tell her that Jared had been offered sponsored individual voice training lessons from a company based in the USA. Jared has only been working with his vocal coach since July 2011 but sounds as if he has been training much longer.


Jared’s first cover was published to YouTube only two months after starting his lessons. This truly demonstrates the fact that his raw natural talent only needed a little nurturing for him to perform so amazingly for the very first time.


What Now - Cover

Hi guys, sorry for the long wait. I realize I have not uploaded much this year, but I have been allowing my voice to settle. I have also been preparing for a live show. Will keep you up to date. Will try post videos more frequently :) Thanks for your continuos support... please comment and give suggestions for future videos


Wrecking Ball - Cover

Hi all my subscribers :) Hope you like my creative cover version of Wrecking ball

My voice is starting to settle, and my producer specially made a unique music arrangement to suit my voice. Would like to hear what you guys think of my avant-garde fashion venture.. Original jacket design... Okay I had some help from mom..


Stay - Cover

Sorry for the long wait guys! Had setbacks with my dancers during the preparation of my last video, so had to drop it and start on a new song. But anyway, since my last video, my voice has been changing. You will hear it sounds a bit lower now :/ Im hoping it will settle soon.


Hi guys hers my new Cover.

What Now (Update 9/10-14)




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